Apples Never Fall Book Review

“Apples Never Fall” is a gripping novel by the renowned Australian author, Liane Moriarty, who has been widely celebrated for her insightful, humorous, and emotionally rich storytelling.

This review aims to offer a detailed and balanced exploration of the book, considering its narrative strengths, potential weaknesses, and the themes it explores.

From my first read, I was captivated by the narrative’s engrossing nature, the depth of its characters, and the compelling themes.

As we delve deeper into this review, I anticipate we will uncover many layers that make this book both a joy and an emotional rollercoaster to read.

Background Information

Liane Moriarty, born in Sydney, Australia, has firmly established herself as an author capable of weaving emotionally complex and intricately plotted narratives.

She is well-known for her previous works, including the highly acclaimed “Big Little Lies”, which was later adapted into a successful HBO series, and “The Husband’s Secret”.

Her novels have a reputation for their keen insight into human behavior, relationships, and societal norms, and they often center around the lives and secrets of ordinary people.

“Apples Never Fall” is no exception, delivering an absorbing narrative set in suburban Australia.

Published in September 2021, the book quickly became a hit among fans and new readers alike, once again cementing Moriarty’s reputation as a master storyteller.

It continues to follow the pattern Moriarty is known for exploring the seemingly perfect lives of ordinary people and unraveling the secrets they hide.

The anticipation for a new Moriarty novel was already high, given her previous successes, and “Apples Never Fall” did not disappoint.

Strengths and Weaknesses

“Apples Never Fall” showcases many strengths that have become a hallmark of Moriarty’s writing.

Firstly, the novel’s exploration of complex emotional themes is quite impressive.

The dynamics of the Delaney family are portrayed in a way that’s real, raw, and deeply empathetic.

Each character’s struggle, whether it’s related to their personal life or their response to their mother’s disappearance, is laid bare with raw honesty and depth.

Moriarty’s ability to create nuanced, relatable characters is another strength of the novel.

The Delaneys are incredibly real; they’re flawed, endearing, frustrating, and lovable all at once.

You can’t help but feel connected to them, sharing their joys and their sorrows, their triumphs, and their defeats.

Each family member is given their own voice, their own secrets, and their own unique viewpoint, making them fully fleshed out and real.

The narrative of the book is another major strength.

It’s full of twists and turns, keeping the reader engaged throughout.

Moriarty manages to weave multiple storylines together seamlessly, slowly revealing secrets and building suspense in a way that makes the book impossible to put down.

However, like any work of art, “Apples Never Fall” isn’t without its potential weaknesses.

Some readers might find the pacing of the plot a bit slow, especially in the early parts of the book.

The narrative takes its time to set up the family dynamics and individual storylines, which, while important for character development, might test the patience of readers used to faster-paced thrillers.

Additionally, certain plot twists might come off as predictable to some, especially those familiar with Moriarty’s style.

A few readers may be able to guess some revelations before they’re explicitly unveiled.

Finally, the complexity of some relationships or sub-plots might be a hurdle for some readers.

With four adult children, their parents, and several other characters all playing significant roles, keeping track of everyone’s storylines might be a bit challenging.

Personal Reflections and Impressions

Upon reading “Apples Never Fall”, I was immediately drawn into the world of the Delaney family.

I found myself engrossed in their lives, curious about their secrets, and emotionally invested in their struggles.

The depth and complexity of the characters made them feel real, like people I might know in my own life.

Moriarty’s ability to capture the complexities of family relationships resonated deeply with me.

Her portrayal of the Delaneys is a stark reminder that every family, no matter how outwardly successful or happy, has its own set of complexities and trials. I found this both poignant and relatable.

The book’s themes around secrets and the pursuit of happiness struck a chord with me.

It made me reflect on how secrets can impact relationships and how the pursuit of happiness is often a winding, complex journey.

These themes, coupled with Moriarty’s insightful storytelling, made “Apples Never Fall” an enriching and thought-provoking read.

Comparison with Other Works

Compared to other novels by Moriarty, “Apples Never Fall” stays true to her signature style of embedding mystery within the domestic sphere.

Like “Big Little Lies” and “The Husband’s Secret”, Moriarty adeptly weaves together various narrative threads to unravel a greater mystery.

The exploration of complex family dynamics, societal pressures, and the façade of perfection are consistent themes across her works.

However, where “Apples Never Fall” differentiates itself is in its nuanced examination of the Delaney family’s life in retirement.

The examination of life post-profession, particularly within the realm of sports, adds a fresh and interesting dimension that is not as prominent in her previous works.

When compared to similar genre books, “Apples Never Fall” stands out for its compelling blend of mystery, family drama, and subtle humor.

The emotional depth and complexity of the characters are reminiscent of works by authors like Celeste Ng and Jodi Picoult, but Moriarty’s distinctive narrative voice, wit, and the way she grounds her plot in every day realities give her book a unique edge.

Closing Thoughts

In conclusion, “Apples Never Fall” is a masterful exploration of family dynamics, secrets, and the pursuit of happiness.

Liane Moriarty once again proves her prowess as a storyteller, crafting an engrossing narrative filled with fully-realized, relatable characters.

The book’s exploration of complex emotional themes, coupled with its gripping narrative and nuanced characters, makes it a compelling read.

While the pacing might seem slow at times and some plot twists may be predictable, the overall narrative remains engaging.

The complexity of the relationships and sub-plots add richness to the narrative rather than detract from it. It’s a book that prompts reflection and stays with you long after you’ve turned the last page.

If you’re a fan of character-driven stories, intricate family dynamics, and unraveling mysteries, “Apples Never Fall” is definitely worth a read.

It’s a book that invites you into the heart of a family, letting you navigate their joys and sorrows, their secrets and revelations, ultimately leaving you richer for the experience.

Our Rating for “Apples Never Fall”

In evaluating “Apples Never Fall”, several elements come into consideration: the narrative, the characters, the themes, and the emotional resonance of the book.

Each of these aspects contributes to a comprehensive assessment that captures the essence of the reading experience.

Narrative: Moriarty has a knack for creating an engrossing plot filled with mystery and intrigue.

The pace might be slow at times, especially at the beginning, but it quickly picks up, keeping readers engaged until the very end. 8.5/10

Characters: The characters in “Apples Never Fall” are one of its greatest strengths.

Each member of the Delaney family, along with Amy, is well-drawn and deeply complex. Moriarty’s skill in developing nuanced, relatable characters is on full display. 9/10

Themes: Moriarty’s exploration of complex family dynamics, secrets, and the pursuit of happiness is thoughtful and compelling.

These themes not only drive the narrative but also offer readers an opportunity for deeper reflection. 8.5/10

Emotional Resonance: The emotional depth of the book is noteworthy.

Whether it’s empathizing with the characters’ struggles or feeling the impact of their secrets and revelations, the book certainly resonates on an emotional level. It’s a story that stays with you, long after you’ve finished reading. 9/10

Overall, “Apples Never Fall” is a highly engaging and emotionally resonant read.

The book’s minor potential weaknesses are greatly outweighed by its compelling narrative, complex characters, and insightful exploration of themes.

Therefore, I would rate “Apples Never Fall” by Liane Moriarty with an overall score of 8.7/10.

I would highly recommend this book to both fans of Moriarty and readers new to her work.

It’s a satisfying read that combines the best elements of family drama and mystery.

We genuinely hope our comprehensive review has covered everything you were looking for.

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Thank you for reading and we hope to see you back here soon!