The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo Book Review

“The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo” by Taylor Jenkins Reid is a captivating tale that explores the highs and lows of fame, the cost of love, and the complex nature of identity.

Weaving the glitz and glamour of Hollywood’s golden era with an intimate exploration of human desires and sacrifices, Reid’s novel is a page-turning exploration of a fascinating character’s life.

The book stands out for its unique narrative structure, the depth of its characters, and the strong thematic undercurrents that keep you thinking long after the final page.

Summary of the Book (Without Spoilers)

Evelyn Hugo, the protagonist of our story, is a retired Hollywood icon whose life is as intriguing as any movie script.

Born in the slums of Hell’s Kitchen to Cuban immigrants, Evelyn’s journey takes her from obscurity to stardom, a path filled with ambition, determination, and resilience.

However, as the title suggests, her life isn’t without its complications; specifically, her seven marriages, which, for better or worse, have largely shaped her public persona.

Evelyn decides to tell her real story, full of scandal, heartbreak, and love, to a relatively unknown magazine reporter, Monique Grant.

Monique is a biracial woman navigating her own personal and professional struggles, and she’s initially puzzled about why Evelyn chooses her to reveal her closely guarded secrets.

As Evelyn narrates her life story, there is a revelation of a forbidden love that stayed hidden from the public eye throughout her career.

The narrative unfolds through alternating chapters between Monique’s contemporary world and Evelyn’s past, maintaining a gripping narrative tension.

The drama of Evelyn’s life, filled with its glamour and deceit, and Monique’s personal journey create a compelling dual narrative.

In this book, Reid has created a world that is a striking mix of the allure of Hollywood and the raw human emotions of love, ambition, identity, and sacrifice.

The dynamic between Evelyn and Monique adds another layer of depth to the narrative, making “The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo” a complex, engaging read that leaves an indelible mark on its readers.

Analysis of Characters

In the heart of this captivating novel are two central characters, Evelyn Hugo and Monique Grant, each carrying their own intricate layers.

Evelyn Hugo, the eponymous character, is an embodiment of determination and ambition.

Her rise from Hell’s Kitchen to the zenith of Hollywood is a testament to her tenacity.

Yet, beneath her glamorous façade, she is flawed and profoundly human.

Her life is shaped by her desperate longing to be loved, her boldness, and her willingness to make sacrifices for her ambitions.

Evelyn is a character who is not afraid to use what she has, be it her beauty or her intelligence, to get what she wants.

This, combined with her deep vulnerability when it comes to love, makes her character captivatingly complex.

Monique Grant, on the other hand, initially seems overshadowed by Evelyn’s grand persona. But as the story unravels, her character blossoms.

Monique’s journey of self-discovery is subtle yet powerful, ultimately influencing her to take control of her life, mirroring some aspects of Evelyn’s own path.

The relationship between these two women and how they influence each other adds depth and dimension to the narrative.

The husbands, while not the central focus, each leave their mark on Evelyn’s life, contributing to the complexity of her character.

Some of them reflect the societal norms of their times, while others showcase Evelyn’s calculated decisions or the depths of her despair.


The exploration of themes in “The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo” offers readers a layered understanding of the story and its characters.

“The Price of Fame” is an ever-present theme in this narrative.

From Evelyn’s perspective, fame is not simply a goal but a means to survival and a better life.

Reid examines the cost and consequences of fame, showcasing the sacrifices, the moral compromises, and the relentless public scrutiny that comes with it.

The theme of “Identity and Sexuality” is intricately woven into the narrative, too.

Throughout the novel, Evelyn battles with her identity as a Cuban-American woman, as a Hollywood star, and as a bisexual woman in an era where homosexuality was severely stigmatized.

The constant pressure of her multiple identities reveals a poignant narrative of the internal conflict many people face.

Finally, “Love and Sacrifice” is a theme that resonates deeply in the story.

Evelyn’s forbidden love is the heartbeat of the narrative, underlining the heartbreaking sacrifices she has to make.

The authenticity and depth of her feelings add to the emotional weight of the story and ultimately humanize Evelyn, reminding us that behind the glamorous Hollywood persona is a woman yearning for genuine love.

Author’s Writing Style

Taylor Jenkins Reid’s writing style in “The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo” is exceptional.

She weaves a narrative that is at once gripping and introspective, capturing both the external world of Hollywood glamour and the internal world of her complex characters.

Reid’s narrative style is characterized by its seamless shift between two perspectives: the past life of Evelyn Hugo and the present life of Monique Grant.

This dual narrative structure enhances the suspense and allure of the story, as each woman’s story unfolds independently, yet converges in unexpected ways.

The mystery of why Evelyn has chosen Monique to tell her story keeps readers on the edge of their seats.

Reid’s dialogue is witty, sharp, and emotionally charged.

She uses conversation as a powerful tool for revealing her characters’ depth and complexity.

Her characters speak with distinct voices that reflect their experiences, backgrounds, and personalities, making them feel authentic and relatable.

Personal Perspective and Opinions

“The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo” left a deep impression on me.

Evelyn Hugo, as a character, is one that will likely stay with me for a long time.

Her tenacity, complexity, and deep human longing for love and acceptance resonated with me.

Her journey of self-discovery, told against the backdrop of her many marriages, was beautifully executed.

I appreciated Reid’s exploration of themes like the cost of fame and the complexities of identity and sexuality.

The book is not just a tale of a Hollywood starlet, but an exploration of the human condition, showcasing the lengths to which we go to protect ourselves and our loved ones, and the sacrifices we are willing to make for our ambitions.

I found myself deeply affected by the unfolding of Evelyn and Monique’s relationship.

Their bond, while complicated, adds a layer of depth to the narrative that I found compelling.

Monique’s own personal journey, while less dramatic than Evelyn’s, was equally moving.

Reid’s writing style, characterized by its sharp dialogue and effective character development, brought this story to life for me.

The pacing was just right, keeping me engaged from beginning to end.

The way she handled the narrative’s dual perspectives was seamless and well-executed, adding an element of intrigue to the story.

Overall, this novel was a truly immersive experience, leaving me to contemplate its themes long after I had finished reading.

Critical Evaluation

“The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo” shines in many aspects, but like any work of art, it carries its own strengths and weaknesses.

One of the book’s significant strengths is its well-rounded, believable characters.

Reid crafts characters with such depth and complexity that they seem to leap off the page.

The development of both Evelyn and Monique is done with great care, which makes their stories compelling and authentic.

Evelyn, with her glamour and ambition, and Monique, with her quiet strength, make for captivating protagonists whose stories intertwine in meaningful ways.

The novel also excels in its exploration of themes.

It seamlessly intertwines the allure of fame with the realities of love, identity, and sacrifice, giving readers much to contemplate.

It delves into the intricacies of identity and sexuality in a time when the conversation around these topics was stifled, making it both poignant and relevant.

However, the book isn’t without its flaws.

For some readers, the Hollywood setting and the concept of seven husbands may come across as sensationalized, perhaps distracting from the more profound themes at play.

Additionally, while the mystery of why Evelyn chooses Monique to write her memoir does create intrigue, some readers might find the final reveal less impactful than expected.

Closing Thoughts

Comparing “The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo” with other works by Taylor Jenkins Reid, this novel seems to take a bolder approach.

While Reid’s other works, like “Maybe in Another Life” or “One True Loves,” also focus on complex female characters and the idea of love, “The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo” is more audacious in its exploration of themes like fame, identity, and sacrifice.

When compared with other books in the same genre, Reid’s novel stands out for its unique blend of Old Hollywood glamour with deep, emotional character development.

The book brings a fresh perspective to the usual Hollywood narrative, shifting the focus from the glitz and glamour to the personal struggles and sacrifices of its characters.

It takes the reader beyond the public facade of a Hollywood starlet to offer an intimate portrayal of her life, which is rare in the genre.

“The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo” also stands out in its portrayal of a bisexual protagonist.

Its exploration of LGBT themes, set against the backdrop of an era that was far less accepting, sets it apart from other novels.

Reid doesn’t shy away from depicting the struggles of being a member of the LGBT community in a time of severe stigma and prejudice, making the book culturally relevant and timely.

Our Rating for “The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo”

“The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo” offers an intriguing blend of glitz, glamour, and gritty human experiences, making it an unforgettable read.

Story/Plot (4.5/5): The narrative is engaging and fast-paced, with well-structured suspense that keeps you hooked till the end.

However, some might argue that the big reveal could be a tad predictable, which is the only reason for docking half a point.

Character Development (5/5): The characters in this novel are its most significant strength.

Both Evelyn and Monique are layered and complex, and their personal growth throughout the story is done with nuance and care.

The peripheral characters too, including the seven husbands, add depth to the narrative.

Writing Style (4.5/5): Reid’s writing is sharp, lucid, and emotionally charged.

The dialogue is realistic and her descriptions are vivid without being overly lengthy.

She masterfully handles the dual narrative, though at times, some readers might feel a sense of disruption due to the back-and-forth.

Themes (5/5): The exploration of themes is done exceptionally well.

Reid manages to delve into topics like fame, love, identity, and sexuality with a level of depth and sensitivity that gives readers plenty to ponder.

Emotional Impact (4.5/5): The novel packs a strong emotional punch, particularly through the character of Evelyn Hugo.

The sacrifices she makes and her yearning for true love resonate deeply.

The only slight drawback is that some plot points might feel a bit over-dramatized, potentially diluting the emotional impact for certain readers.

Cultural Impact/Relevance (5/5): The book stands out in its cultural relevance.

Its depiction of a bisexual protagonist and exploration of LGBTQ+ themes set against the backdrop of old Hollywood is both daring and important, offering a fresh perspective that’s still very relevant in today’s discourse.

In conclusion, “The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo” is a masterful blend of old Hollywood glamour and deep, resonant themes.

The few minor criticisms do little to dampen the overall impact of this highly recommended read. Total score: 4.7/5.

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